Scanning for Business 2 Way Radios

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Scanning is a programmable feature available on most commercial grade radios. A scanning radio automatically locks onto an active frequency or radio signal. Once that frequency goes silent the radio continues scanning until it finds the next active frequency. The traditional use of scanning was to monitor police, fire and other emergency services that use several different frequencies but only with sporadic use each.

Most modern automobile AM/FM radios have a scan feature. The user pushes a single button and the radio will scan for the next channel. Once the next channel is found the scanning stops for 10 seconds and then continues to the next channel. The user turns off scanning as soon as a good station is found.

Commercial grade 2 way radios only scan the frequencies that have been programmed in the radio.

For example, a cheese factory is using multiple channel radios. They have assigned channel 2 to their maintenance department, channel 3 to the production department and channel 4 to the shipping department. Channel 1 is the “all call” channel.

Each department’s radios are programmed to scan for messages on their assigned channel and channel 1.

Folks that work in the maintenance department leave their radios on channel 2. If someone needs to reach them that person would turn to channel 2 and talk to the fine folks in the maintenance department. When they finished their message they would turn back to their own channel.

If someone needs to reach everyone at the same time that person would broadcast on channel 1. Because every department’s radios scan their own channel and channel 1, the message would reach everyone.

This is called a 2 channel scan. Give us a call and we can help you determine if scanning is a benefit for your business. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

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Manzie R Lawfer