Sometimes You Need A Kickstart

Hi Friends, is too cool. Kickstarter is a website that operates as a funding platform for creative projects. Since it started in 2008 Kickstarter has raised over $400 million.

Kickstarter provides a web presence for anyone looking to gain funding for their creative project. For example suppose you would like to produce a book of photographs depicting the front doors of famous peoples homes. Let’s further suppose you don’t have a camera or travel money or the money for publishing. You can pitch your idea on Kickstarter.

Participants declare through a video or just the written word the amount of money they need, what they will use it for and a time limit for raising the money. In our example, you might declare a goal of $5,000 with a 40 day time limit.

People sign on to the Kickstarter website find a project they are interest in and pledge a contribution. If the project receives pledges equally to the goal contributor’s credit cards are charged the amount pledged. If the goal is not met no contributions are charged.

Project creators also offer additional incentives to encourage contributions. In our example a tee shirt or signed copy of the finished book might be offered.

Kickstarter is a great idea on several levels. In many cases Kickstarter participants can raise money faster than they can complete loan application requirements from their  regular bank. Project creators can work on their projects rather than having to schmooze with investors.

The category of projects include comics, dance, design, food, technology and more. Here at 2 Way Radio Express we are working on a couple of technology projects. One of our projects is “A Better Mouse Trap Base Station”. We just call it the Mouse Trap. The Mouse Trap base station cost less and does more than most desktop base stations. Our Mouse Trap base station is nearing completion but an extra $3,000 dollars could wrap up the project. Don’t be surprised if you see the Mouse Trap on

Let 2 Way Radio Express help you find the best 2 way radio equipment for your needs and budget. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer