Straight Talk

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Two way radios improve safety, boost efficiency and increase productivity. Unfortunately 2 way radios have a limited broadcast area and can only talk to other 2 way radios….until now.

Introducing Straight Talk! Straight Talk connects any two or more broadcast areas and let’s you use your cell phone to talk to 2 way radios…from anywhere in the world!

For example you have a concrete lawn ornament business. Your lawn ornament factory is on the west side of town. Your retail store that sells the lawn ornaments is on the east side of town. Both locations use 2 way radios however the factory can’t talk to the retail store because of the distance. Straight Talk can connect your two locations. Actually your facilities can be across town or across the country. Straight Talk can connect any 2 way radio or group of radios to another 2 way radio anywhere in the world.

Here’s another example of Straight Talk. Suppose you are the General Manager of a big hotel in Las Vegas. All of your housekeeping and maintenance staff carry two way radios. When you are on site you also carry a 2 way radio but when you leave the hotel you can no longer communicate with your key people. Straight Talk can connect your personal cell phone with the 2 way radios back at the hotel. From anywhere your cell phone works you can talk to the 2 way radios at the hotel.

Straight Talk lets similar (any 2 way radio anywhere) talk to other similar devices (any other 2 way radio anywhere else). Straight Talk lets dissimilar devices talk to each other (cell phones can talk to 2 way radios, 2 way radios can talk to iPads, cell phones can talk to computers, the list is pretty much unlimited).

Straight Talk is a software and hardware solution that lets similar and dis-similar devices talk to each other near and far.

Straight Talk is ideal for schools, businesses and government agencies. Straight Talk is also very affordable. (Typical costs are as little as $1499 per location.) To learn more about Straight Talk give us a call. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

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Manzie R Lawfer