Talk Greater Distances with 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

We do business with schools, hotels, factories and distribution facilities in all 50 states. Some of our customers have large campuses or multiple building sites. Some of our golf course and country club customers also have large areas they need to cover with their 2 way radios. In some cases our customers have facilities many miles apart.

If your two way radios are not reaching all areas of your facility or facilities we can help.

There are several factors that determine two way radio coverage. Frequency range, antenna height and output power are the most important. With the right equipment two way radios can achieve the coverage your school or business needs.

Many time a basic repeater is the solution. A repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal from one of your two way radios and rebroadcasts it at a higher power to your other radios. Repeaters are affordable, durable and simple to use.

If you need to talk greater distances our Home Base product connects your locations regardless of distance. Home Base is a computer interconnect for 2 way radios that lets you talk across town or across the country. Home Base is also simple to use, durable and affordable.

We can help you find the best 2 way radio solutions for your application. Give us a call at 239-601-1969. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer