That’s Nothing – We Sell 2 Way Radios

Hi Friends,

Some years ago I met my friend, Bernie. Bernie is self centered and insensitive to others. He is egotistical not an easy person to like. He doesn’t demonstrate the typical traits associated with friendship. On the other hand he is intellectual, articulate, hard working and can sometimes be very funny. Humor can make up for other deficiencies.

Bernie has this habit of interrupting or swaying a conversation he may not be interested in by saying, “That’s nothing.” For example you may be in a conversation regarding the upcoming presidential election and Bernie would interrupt with, “That’s nothing when we lived in Nashville the county commissioner was a dear friend of mine and I worked on his re-election campaign.”

Sometimes the interruption has a vague reference to the current subject matter and sometimes this is no correlation at all. It really is based on Bernie’s whim.

All of this sparks a game we play called “That’s Nothing.” This is a game that can be played at home, the office, in a car while traveling or anywhere. There is no board, no pieces, no rules and no score keeping. This is how the game goes: You are at a cocktail party and old Joe is blathering on about his new BMW. You lean in and say, “That’s nothing. Have you tried the turkey snaps I brought.”

At first people sort of ignore your comment thinking you may not have noticed Joe talking. But after a couple of, That’s Nothing’s, others will join in.

Mildred is talking about her recent root canal and I say, That’s Nothing; when I was in the Air Force my roommate was Liberace’s nephew. This is an obvious example of the no correlation That’s Nothing. Some one might parry with a correlating  That’s Nothing. My wife’s cousin is John Mellencamp. The correlation being both Liberace and John Mellencamp are entertainers.

I don’t see Bernie much anymore but I still play That’s Nothing at every opportunity. That’s Nothing we sell 2 way radios in all 50 states.

Let us help you get the best two way radio equipment for your application. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer