The 2 Way Radio Walking Dead Zone

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Do you live near a tunnel? I use to live in Louisville, Kentucky and drove through the Cherokee Park Tunnel everyday on the way to work. Tunnels are cool but don’t try to listen to the radio while you are in the tunnel. No signal! AM or FM no signal. Fortunately the Cherokee Park Tunnel isn’t very long so unless traffic stops while you are in the tunnel you will only miss a few beats of a song.

Dead zones like the Cherokee Park tunnel or any area where radio signals are block due to obstacles or obstructions can be a problem. Basements are a typical radio dead zone. Hospitals have dead zones where specialized equipment or lead lined walls prevent radio signal penetration. Caves, mines and valleys are also radio dead zones.

Do you have dead zones in your 2 way radio environment? Here are two solutions that can help. The first solution is inexpensive and can be very effective. A passive antenna acts as a conduit for radio signals. A passive antenna is actually two antennas connected by a coaxial cable. One antenna is mounted in the area where there is no signal. The other antenna is mounted at the closest place where there is a signal (usually just a few feet away). This works great when there is a single room or a specific area that is not receiving radio signals.

The second solution is a low wattage repeater. Low wattage repeaters act as a booster for radio signals. One side of the repeater receives the weak signal and the other side rebroadcast the signal at a greater strength. A radiating cable can be connected to the repeater in order to “radiate signal” along a path. For example a radiating cable can be used in an underground mine to provide 2 way radio coverage in areas that would normally be dead zones.

Passive antennas typically cost about $200. Repeaters start at $1200.

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