The End of the Grasshopper

Hi Friends,

The Grasshopper two way radio from TriSquare is a 1 watt 900 mHz multi channel radio. It was made for light duty and consumer type applications. At only $158 per pair the Grasshopper was a inexpensive way to start using radios. We sold hundreds of Grasshoppers. The Grasshopper was built in China.

The Grasshopper is no longer being manufactured. The limited supply of inventory is depleting quickly. Grasshoppers only work with other Grasshoppers.

We want to help our customers that purchased Grasshoppers migrate to new radios when they are ready. Since the Grasshoppers only work with other Grasshoppers and Grasshopper supplies are very limited the only clear migration path is to replace all the Grasshoppers being used at a given location.

The best path is to replace all Grasshoppers with commercial grade radios. Commercial grade radios are programmable and therefore going forward offer much great flexibility in replacements and additional radio purchases.

Primarily we sold Grasshoppers to schools and other light duty applications where distance and durability were not as important as low price.

Originally our first choice recommendation for these facilities was the Tekk X100. The Tekk X100 sells for $199 each. Most of our customers that purchased Grasshoppers would have preferred the Tekk radio but simply couldn’t afford it.

Today we are offering a trade in special. Anyone that purchased Grasshoppers can trade them in towards the purchase of the Tekk X100 (or any other commercial grade radio we sell). We will apply 50% of what you spent with us on Grasshoppers towards the purchase of new radios.

Some of our Grasshopper customers have expanded and while the Grasshoppers they have are in good condition they need more radios. When we receive trade-in Grasshoppers in good condition we will make those available to customers that need a replacement.

Call us today at 239-601-1969. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Manzie R Lawfer