The Pompano 2 Way Radio for Business

Hi Friends,

We recently added a new 2 way radio to our inventory. The new radio is a TecNet TP-8000 waterproof radio. The TecNet TP-8000 waterproof radio is made in Korea. Like the Japanese the Koreans are legendary for their electronics. Unfortunately most electronics are made in China. The Chinese are better known for their noodles.

TecNet is a distribution company. The actual company that manufactures the TecNet TP-8000 is Unimo. Unimo is a large manufacturer and makes equipment that is sold under several brand names. Unimo makes excellent equipment.

We are dealers for several radio equipment companies. ICOM, Tekk International, Ritron and Motorola are the principle companies we represent. All of these companies tend to name their products with numbers. The TecNet TP-8000 waterproof radio is an obvious example.

The TecNet TP-8000 waterproof radio is a fabulous product. It is world class in every regard except … the name. I don’t think the product would be any less if it were called the TP-7000 or even the TP-22. The problem is the name does not fairly describe the product.

We sell an ICOM radio that ICOM has named the ICOM F-4001. ICOM is the brand and F-4001 is the model. Dealers all over the county sell this radio as the ICOM F-4001. We sell the same radio however we call it the ICOM Mini. We call it the Mini because it is small but just as durable and full featured as larger radios. We believe the ICOM Mini is a better name. We think our name is more descriptive and easier to remember.

A few of the radios we sell we have re-named the Cricket, the Lite, the Traveler and so on. We think we can do better than the TecNet TP-8000 waterproof radio.

We are going to re-name the radio something that is easier to remember and more descriptive. Some of names we are considering … the Otter, the Frog and the Pompano.  As you can see we have some way to go before we find the best name.

Do you want to help? Feel free to send us your choice for a new name. If you like you can visit You Tube for a short video demonstrating the durability of the TecNet TP-8000 waterproof radio.

Give us a call and let us help you find the best 2 way radio equipment for your application. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer