Two Way Radio Scrambler

Hi Friends,

Schools and businesses all over America use two way radios because they increase safety, boost efficiency and improve productivity.

Safety, efficiency and productivity can mean different things based on different surroundings.

For example many schools have bus and car lines. The bus or car line, particularly at kindergarten and elementary schools, consist of an indoor group of kids waiting to be called outside for their ride. When Mrs. Flagler pulls up in front of the school to pick up little Chelsea the outside monitor calls out for the Flagler child. The indoor monitor sends Chelsea out to meet her mother. In this manner the child and children and quickly dispatched to their appropriate ride.

A lot of times the efficiency of this procedure is enhanced with the use of two way radios. No more screaming “SEND OUT THE FLAGLER KID.” Just push the button and announce quietly, “Chelsea’s Mom is here.”

Here’s something that is cool: Two Way Radio Scrambler. (This is not a new dish at Denny’s.) Some two way radios have a scrambler feature. The scrambler takes a broadcast signal and rearranges it so the sounds are no longer understandable. The receiving radio has to be equipped with a de-scrambler in order to understand the message.

So the outside monitor speaks into the radio, “Mrs. Flagler is here.” Anyone trying to listen in without a de-scrambler will hear, “Garfer malpo sternburker.” With a de-scrambler the message is completely understandable and out goes little Chelsea.

Guessing from the name little Chelsea’s folks might be as rich as the Romney’s. The two way radio scrambler is preventing little Chelsea from being identified publicly.

Presto we have both efficiency and safety.

We sell the Tekk radios that have built-in scrambler. The scrambler feature can be toggled on or off and is included at no additional cost.

Give us a call to learn more about two way radio scramblers. Doing business with us is easy.

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Manzie R Lawfer