Two Way Radios Are Multi-Purpose

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Clock radios are cool. First you have the clock. Then you have the radio. The clock tells you the precise time while you are enjoying some tunes. Even better the clock radio can be adjusted to wake you up every morning with music. It can even lull you to sleep with soft music and then turn itself off automatically.

I like devices that serve multiply purposes. The toaster oven not only toasts but it can bake and broil.  Mr. Coffee has a coffee pot with a built in clock. The clock is used mostly for automatic percolation at a specific time in the future (usually just before you get up in the morning). You can determine the time with this Mr. Coffee but it is not a true multi-purpose because the clock is mostly to support the auto brew feature.

Some years ago televisions, radios and record and tape players were bundled together. This didn’t work out as well as one would hope. Inevitably one of the component would stop working. Once it gets in your head that the tape player or radio isn’t working it drives you crazy. There was some relief because this was before TV repairmen went the way of the Dodo bird. There was a sense of satisfaction knowing help was on the way or simply that help could be summoned.

The Swiss Army Knife is the holy grail of multi-purposed devices. There is a mystique surrounding the Swiss Army Knife. There is a mystique surrounding the Swiss Army. Do the Swiss have an army? Is their only weaponry the knife?

Pontiac (gone now) had the Aztec. The Aztec was perhaps the ugliest vehicle ever built. Uniquely the Aztec could be converted into a camper, a station wagon, a chuck wagon, a one lane bowling alley, a circus tent and so on.

Two way radios can be used to open or close switches, activate a solenoids, open gates, send preprogrammed messages and many other tasks. Two way radios are a multi-purpose tool but two way radios are best used to improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

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