Two Way Radios Have Skater’s Feet

Hi Friends,

I haven’t worn roller skates in a very long time. The epicenter for roller skating in my life was our driveway in Trussville, Alabama. It was the 1950’s and we were the first household to have our driveway paved. All of our neighbors had packed dirt or gravel driveways.

Our relatively long, completely smooth and level driveway was perfect for practicing rolling skating maneuvers. Roller skating was a blast. I had the kind of skates that attached to regular shoes. A skate key was used to tighten the skates to my pre Michael Jordan play shoes (this was actually pre Chuck Taylor).

Accept for an inability to stand the first thing you notice wearing skates is your added height. Skates add a couple of inches in height. This is a profound change when you are only 4 feet tall.

I think I could have skated 16 hours a day if my Mom didn’t have other plans for my life.

The thing that was remarkable was skater’s feet. Skater’s feet is that phenomenon that allows you brain to suggest you are still wearing skates after you have removed them. In other words, after you have been wear skates for a while you still feel tall and able to skate around even when you take them off. The mind can play tricks.

Skater’s feet is a phenomenon that is also evident in other endeavors. Imagine not having a cell phone or the people you regularly talk to or text not having a phone. You would spend the day saying, “Oops. He doesn’t have his phone.” Or, “O’yeah I left my phone at home today.”

Guess what, it is the same thing with 2 way radios. If you use a two way radio at work you develop skater’s feet for 2 way radios. You get very used to just pushing a button and talking to your colleagues. Then you get home and start reaching for your radio to talk to your kids out in the yard or your spouse who is up the attic doing who knows what.

Don’t let skater’s feet keep you from using two way radios. Give us a call and let us help you find the best 2 way radio equipment for your application. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,
Manzie R Lawfer