Two Way Radios The Perfect Condiment

Hi Friends,

When I was a kid ketchup was my favorite condiment. Ketchup was king. Ketchup had a spicy tang. Ketchup came in glass bottle. Ketchup was at least as good and usually better than whatever I put it on. (The notable except is a cheeseburger where the cheese is at least as good as the ketchup. That’s why cheese has its own food group.)

Today ketchup comes in a plastic bottle. It is sweet not spicy.It looks the same as it always has but it tastes different. I suspect it is in part because of the tomatoes they use. All the good stuff has been engineered out of today’s tomatoes.

Food is engineered for improved shelf life, resistance to insects and drought, bruising, size, growth cycle, ease of harvest and everything else except flavor. In some cases our bodies do not recognize the engineered food as food. Our bodies store these foods because our bodies can’t process this non food and bingo-bango all of us are 20 pounds heavier.

A notable except is the newly introduced Sweet Tango apples. Sweet Tango apples are the best apples ever. They are firm, sweet and juicy. I am guessing they were named  Sweet Tango because they are so good they make you feel like dancing.

Quite the opposite, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, tomatoes are terrible. And because tomatoes are terrible; ketchup is no longer anybody over the age of 8’s favorite condiment.

Enter mustard.

Yesterday all of us here at 2 Way Radio Express were lunching together. The feature was sausage. Mild Italian sausage. Our condiment of choice was Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard. French’s Yellow Mustard is also a good choice with a distinct flavor but yesterday we were all caught up in the Gulden’s experience. I probably would prefer French’s Yellow Mustard on a hot dog but for Italian sausage Gulden’s was the perfect match.

Knowing the right condiment to use in every situation is very empowering.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer