W. Edwards Deming – Glad to Hear From You

Hi Friends,

I am a fan of W. Edwards Deming. Dr. Deming was trained as a mathematical physicist but became best known for his work in Japan after WWII. Dr. Deming is the father of modern management and introduced the importance of quality in every aspect of manufacturing and every other human endeavor as well.

Before Dr. Deming’s work in Japan the “made in Japan” sticker indicated that the product was probably junk. After a couple of generations of Dr. Deming’s influence Japanese goods are second to none. Hooray for Dr. Deming!

Dr. Deming taught, “long term cost savings can only come from quality products and quality services.” If anything Dr. Deming was profound. He was saying that you can’t save money long term by going on the cheap with either the products you buy or the people you choose to do business with.

There are a million places to buy walkie talkie 2 way radios. Why should someone buy from us? Quality products and quality service. Our quality service includes:

1. Our help desk is open from 8 am till 8 pm Monday through Saturday.
2. Single point of contact – your own account manager thats knows you and your company.
3. UPS ground shipping is free.
4. Four year warranty on most of our radios and batteries.
5. Free loaner radio when yours needs repair.
6. We will match your frequencies to any new radios you buy from us at no charge.

When you call 2 Way Radio Express you’ll get a person that is knowledgeable and glad to hear from you. Give us a call today. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer