Want to Try Two Way Radios for Free?

Not all radios work in all locations, that’s to be expected, but to find that out when you most need to communicate with a 2 way radio is a disappointment that no one wants. So, we figured out a solution for it, giving our clients free radios.

To make sure that the two way radios you want to use are actually functional in your area, we let you test them out for a week. If they don’t work well enough for you, just ship them back and we’ll gladly help you choose a better set of radios.

The fact of the matter is, two way radios just don’t help much if they’re not working properly. Since each set of radios is built differently, it’s entirely possible that another model of two way radio will function for you, but this way you can test them out to see what works best.

If you’re one of those people who hates to buy online because you can’t try the product for yourself, this is a great option. We aren’t in this just for the money, we want to make sure our customers are actually happy . . . . that’s how word of mouth advertising works, after all.

Our clients range from construction sites to schools, so we offer a range of two way radios to ensure that there’s something for everyone. If you’re interested in testing a couple of radios out, just fill out the 7 day trial form. After all, you don’t have anything to lose!