We are Perplexed

We started blogging to increase 2 Way Radio Express visibility. At the time we were using a company from India to help us in our internet efforts. If we had to do it over again we probably wouldn’t pursue internet excellence with a Indian company.

Sandeep, was our account rep. Sandeep told us that a blog would bring people to visit our website on a regular basis and the increased traffic would improve our search engine ranking. On some level Sandeep was right.

This was back in December 2009. It has been almost one year and we have had a substantial increase in website traffic and an equally substantial amount of folks who visit our blog. We do not know if all the additional traffic is because of the blog or not. More importantly we don’t know if there is any value in having folks visit our blog.

What we do know; we get an incredible amount of visitors who leave comments. Most of the comments make little or no sense. For example, a specific article on the blog might talk about a special offer on radio accessories or the introduction of a new 2 way radio product. These subjects seem straight forward to us. However the comments are typically vague and could pertain to hair removal or child rearing.

We recently featured an article “Another Gold Star” that talked about our service department. The comments we received included “Keep it up, wonderful job! This was the information I needed.” And another, “This topic has been up for debate quite a lot of times but none of the posts were as detailed as yours.” And another, “I am fascinated by the info that you just have on this blog. It exhibits how properly you realize this topic.” Is there a disconnect?

The part of all this that has us most perplexed are the email addresses left by the commenters. Their email addresses are never valid and within hours of their visit we are getting buried in viagra email advertisements.

It is hard to draw conclusions from all this but we have our suspicions. We do not need a viagra supplier but we would love to hear your comments regarding two way radios.

Best Wishes,