We don’t sell used radios


We don’t sell used 2 way radios…we give them away. Let me explain. We usually offer a $25 trade-in on old radio towards the purchase price of any of our new radios. The deal is:  the trade-in radio needs to be in working condition and include a complete radio and charger.

Sometimes our customers send radios that are not operating. We clean and tune the trade-in radios. When it is possible we repair those that are not in working condition. Over the course of a year we deal with dozens of trade-in radios.

And then something really cool happens. We get a phone call from a charity. The call might come from an inter-city after school program or a camp for special needs kids or the Guardian Angels. They are calling to see if we have any used radios that are cheap. And we get to say….we don’t sell used 2 way radios…we give them away!

In order to give away used 2 way radios we have to sell new 2 way radios. This month’s special is an encouragement for you to trade in your old radios for new 2 Way Radio Express radios. During the month of September we are offering a $50 trade-in for your old 2 way radio (regardless of condition, working or not) towards the purchase of any of our new commercial grade radios.

Give us a call today. Doing business with us is easy!

Best Wishes,