What Did We Do Before The Internet?

A daily part of our marketing effort is making telephone calls to potential customers. We subscribe to an internet service called “Sales Genie.” Sales Genie is really very cool. We put in the type of business and geographic area we want to reach and Sales Genie gives us a list of businesses that fits our description. Currently we are calling on nursing homes in the eastern half of the USA. For example, we log in our request to Sales Genie for nursing homes in Pennsylvania and bingo bango we have our prospect list in about 2 seconds. Internet businesses are the best.

If you’re like me you are forever asking/telling the people around you, “What did we do before there was an internet? What did we do before there was an internet?” The first few times I asked the question my children, who are all grown, found it insightful and engaging. Now I’ve asked it so many times that they barely acknowledge that I have spoken.

Back to the phone calls. When I call a new prospect I say, “Hi, this is Manzie with 2 Way Radio Express. You and I have not met. We are in the Two Way Radio business. We work with nursing homes and hospital that use two way radios. I’m calling to see if we can do business with you. Are you using radios now?”

If my prospect is not currently using radios they typically ask, “Why would I use radios?” I tell them radios let them talk to their staff members one at a time or all of them at once, immediately, regardless of where they are in the building. They usually respond, “Mmm.” Then I mention that the staff can use an earpiece so patients and residents won’t be disturbed. This causes their ears to stand up. “We have a problem with our overhead public paging system,” they confide. “Our dementia patients are sensitive to noise and get irritated by the paging system. Will two way radios work for us?” I tell them, “Of course, they’ll work beautifully for you and there is no monthly fee.” Homerun!

Once again the internet connects two ships passing in the night. The internet is the coolest.

Best Wishes,