What Do Egg Farmers Know About 2 Way Radios?

30 years ago you could only find regular and large eggs in the grocery store. Then brown eggs were introduced at grocery stores (you could always buy brown eggs directly from farmers but most grocery stores didn’t regularly inventory or sell brown eggs). Then organic and vegetarian eggs were introduced. Then cage free, then antibiotic free, then free roaming, then happy hens. I keep waiting for the announcement that the chickens have unionized and will only be laying eggs on Tuesday and Thursdays. Today farmers are selling more varieties of eggs and more total eggs than ever before.

30 years ago you could find domestic beer  and a few imported beers. Then the Miller Brewing Company introduced Lite Beer. Then brewers began offering dark beer. Then wheat beer, then ultra lite, then cream lager, then micro brew and on and on… Today beer makers are selling more different types of beer but in total they are not selling any more beer than they did 30 years ago.

What do egg farmers know that beer makers don’t?

I think egg farmers very carefully taught us about the various kinds of eggs and the specific differences and advantages. This educational process has better guided the egg buying public to the products that best suit them and the public has responded by buying ever more eggs. Pretty good.

I think at 2 Way Radio Express we are more like egg farmers than brewers. At 2 Way Radio Express we have a sincere interest in learning about our customer’s and prospect’s and their specific applications and budget for two way radios. Only after we learn this information do we make our recommendation.  And to make sure our recommendation is right we offer a free 7 day trial. You’ll never spend a dime with us without knowing our two way radios and equipment will work at your location. Try us. We are very easy to do business with.

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