What’s In A Name

Hi Friends,

My lovely Joy Ann is from Scott County Indiana. Scott County Indiana was home to the landmark Coffee Pot Restaurant. The Coffee Pot was a stucco 2 story building constructed in the shape of an old fashioned coffee pot (the kind of pot you would use to make coffee over a camp fire). The restaurant was located on a bend in the road on Highway 31 that became known as Coffee Pot Curve.

The Coffee Pot Restaurant was built in 1929 and operated as a coffee shop restaurant until 1939. After the restaurant been been closed for several years a family took up residency from 1950 till 1957. In 1960 the building was torn down to make room for a subdivision.

The cute little baby Joy Ann wasn’t born till after the enterprise had closed. In fact, Joy Ann the teenager, didn’t start driving until the Coffee Pot Restaurant had been torn down and replaced with a bunch of houses.

I met Joy Ann in the 1980’s and we visited her old home county. Traveling on Highway 31 the instructive Joy Ann directed my attention to the site of the old Coffee Pot Restaurant and informed me of the origin of the name “Coffee Pot Curve.”

I would never say it to the Princess but it seems kind of silly calling it Coffee Pot Curve today. One day the Highway Department is going to straighten the road for safety reasons….then where will we be.

All over America people refer to Bob’s desk or Kent’s truck or Sue’s office when Bob, Kent and Sue haven’t worked there in years. It is a very American thing.

We name our radios on what we believe are the most descriptive terms. We sell the ICOM Lite and the Tekk Standard for example. The ICOM Lite is manufactured by ICOM and is lightweight and compact. It is a terrific radio that is easier to carry and more comfortable to use than any other comparable radio. We think calling this same radio the F4011 does not describe the radio as well as calling it the ICOM Lite.

The Tekk Standard is a great basic radio at a very low price. Tekk makes this radio and some of their dealers sell this same radios as the “XQ700 Somethingorother” but that name doesn’t tell you much. We think the Standard is a better and more descriptive name.

Give us a call and let us help you get to the bottom of what is the best radio equipment for your application and budget. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer