Where’s Waldo?

Hi Friends,

I have a super power. Actually I have 2 super powers. I can’t fly or stop a speeding bullet. I don’t have Xray vision or a super sense of smell. None-the-less my super powers are very useful.

My first power is the uncanny ability to find Waldo. You know the game “Where’s Waldo”? Waldo is hidden in a very complex and detailed drawing. If you find Waldo you win the game. He is hard to spot because the drawing is so complex and detailed. Waldo hides in the bushes or blends into the scenery wearing camouflage.

This is how my power manifest itself. Joy Ann, the ever meticulous shopper, and I are at Bed Bath and Beyond. Joy Ann is looking for Burt’s Bees Hand Cream. Joy Ann will settle for only Burt’s Bees Hand Cream. She looks everywhere and can’t find it. She asks a clerk to help. The clerk can’t find it and says “we must be out.”

At precisely this moment I turn the corner on my way back from watching a fascinating  video over in kitchen tools and cookware. Did you know that cabbage is incredibly nutritious but very low in fat and calories and is an excellent source of vitamin K.

Unable to complete her shopping, Joy Ann is crestfallen and shares her despair with me. Looking over her shoulder I spot a lone jar of Burt’s Bees Hand Cream hidden among some bottles of off-brand shampoo. Presto, there’s Waldo!

Joy Ann tells me every woman would love to have me as a shopping companion. I’m filled with pride to be endowed with this gift. Where’s Waldo is a very productive special power.

My second super power will come as no surprise to many of you. I can discern radio problems and find solutions on a moments notice.

Some one calls and says, “We use radios at our school but there are dead spots. From the office we can’t reach the ball field.” Once someone called and said, “We do subway repairs and pour concrete in the tunnels and need to talk to the concrete truck operators up on street level. Can you help us?” As fast as you can say Burt’s Bees Hand Cream, I have a solution to their radio problem.

Give us a try. Let me put my special powers to work for you. Call 2 Way Radio Express today. Doing business with us is easy….and very powerful.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer