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True Economy

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Our country is in a recession. Money is tight. Financing is difficult. It is important that businesses are careful with every expenditure. We are in what has been called the “summer of recovery.” But few are seeing much recovery.

It is times like this that true economy is critically important. True economy has only one source. The source of true economy is quality. Any fool can layoff workers or buy cheap materials and claim an improvement in economy. But true and lasting economy can only come from quality.

Quality pieces, parts and ingredients ultimately make quality finished goods and products. Cheaper quality talent and components not only produce sub-standard goods but make a lasting impression on customers and those that consume or use the product.

For example when a company downsizes it has an immediate payroll savings. The management team gets a gold star for creative management. Then demand increases and the people that were laid off aren’t available to make the product. Now the management team decides out sourcing is the answer. The results are smelly Chinese drywall, poison dog food, defective tires, lead tainted toys and on and on.

Quality employees, quality components, quality ingredients, quality products are the only pathway to true and lasting economy.

We are in the 2 way radio business. We provide easy to use, reliable and affordable commercial grade 2 way radios. At 2 Way Radio Express we believe true long term savings and safety can only come from quality products and great service.

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