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Time Heals All Wounds

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

One of our favorite meals is Cincinnati Skyline Chili. The best version of this recipe calls for chili served over a bed of spaghetti and covered in a pile of shredded cheese. Sometimes my wife, Joy Ann and I go to the restaurant but we are equally fond of buying frozen Cincinnati Skyline Chili at the grocery store and making a meal at home. We use to have this meal about once a week either at home or at  a local Skyline Restaurant.

About five years ago we were having our favorite Cincinnati Skyline Chili over spaghetti with cheddar cheese piled high and a tossed green salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Unfortunately, the observant, Joy Ann found a piece of gristle in her chili. It was a moment when all the clocks in Cincinnati stopped. Joy Ann not only failed to complete the meal but she also made a declaration making Cincinnati Skyline Chili off limit. Aucun  plus de chili!

I didn’t say it but I thought, “it wasn’t a mouse. It was only a little gristle.” But I am smart enough to know the limits of my culinary expertise.

Time heals all wounds. Today, unbeknownst to the forever vigilant Joy Ann, I prepared our old favorite chili lunch.

Joy Ann was a only a few feet through the door way when she announced, “It smells like Cincinnati Chili in here.”

I didn’t dodge the issue and admitted Cincinnati Skyline Chili would be up momentarily.

She didn’t mention the earlier so called “gristle” episode and I didn’t mention it either.

It was a fabulous lunch. An old friend revisited.

Sometimes we write off people, places and things. We fail to see that people, places and things can change. We are evolving. Time heals all wounds.

It is good to be back among the Skyline Chili eaters.

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I Smashed My iPhone

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

My wife, the athletic Joy Ann, and I really enjoy riding our bikes. I began riding a bike regularly a few years ago. We were living close enough to the office that I could ride my bike to work.

At first, the always cautious, Joy Ann was concerned about my safety. A woman she knew had fallen off her bike and broke her hip. “You’re too old to be riding a bike,” she kindly advised.

Before long we bought a bike for Joy Ann and safety not withstanding she was also happily riding.

We have a regular route we take most afternoons. We ride down to the beach, along the length of the key, cut across the bridge, shoot down Old Trail and then back home. The whole trip is 6 and a half miles. We actually average more miles on our bikes than in the family car.

But this story isn’t about bikes, it is about phones. More specifically it is about my $500 Apple iPhone. On a recent bike ride my iPhone slipped out of its case when I went over a bump. The phone launched a few feet in the air and came to rest on the roadway where a car was able to run over it even though there was plenty of room to miss it or go around it or stop before driving over it and scoring a direct hit and completely destroying a $500 piece of equipment.

After a failed attempt to repair my phone with parts available on eBay (at the advice of the AT&T rep) I am now using a $15 phone for the next 7 weeks until I am eligible for an upgrade phone. This so called upgrade phone is actually not an upgrade at all but an exact duplicate of the phone that was destroyed. Joy Ann was kind enough to point out the misuse of the word upgrade. Thanks honey.

I guess I have no one else to blame. I was careless in carrying my phone on the bike. I smashed my phone. Do you detect a little anger in my tone?

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Buying A Used Car Is Really Like Recycling

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Joy Ann is my wife and works at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts. The Phil, as it is known, is only a mile and a half from our home. Because It is so close Joy Ann comes home for lunch every day. It is a 3 mile round trip and she makes the trip twice a day. That is only 6 miles a day or 30 miles a week.

My office is through the hedge and around the corner from our front door. It is not even far enough to make it worth taking my bicycle out of the garage. The biggest hazard during my commute is the potential for cobwebs as I pass through the hedge.

It is accurate to say, “we drive very little.”

We use to have 2 cars. Then it was only one car. The one car we still have is a leased Toyota Corolla. The Corolla costs next to nothing to operate. The lease is almost over. We have to return the car to the dealership in a couple of weeks. The lease agreement says we  can drive the car 36,000 miles during the lease period. We have about half that many miles on the car. So now the question is, “What to do? What to do?”

There are a lot of cool cars available but does a new car really make sense for us? It would be more economical to take a taxi cab every where.

On Sunday our sons Jay and Grayson, that work here at 2 Way Radio Express, and I found a car on Craigslist and went for a test drive. The car is a 1995 Buick Riviera with a super charged motor. Whew! That thing can fly and the woman that owned it only wanted $1500. It is the first used car I have bought since I don’t know when.

So now we are are like a couple of kids riding around in a 1995 hot rod will no lease payment. I am sure the Buick is not  going to get as good mileage as the Corolla but we don’t drive much. Our carbon foot print has got to be a size 4 or smaller. Buying a used car is really like recycling.

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