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Loudness verses Volume

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

“Loudness” is a subjective term that describes your ear’s perception of a sound. On the other hand, “Volume” is an objective term that describes the amount of air that is being effected by sound. For example, if someone snapped their fingers close to your ear it would seem loud. However you would not be able to hear this sound in the next room. This is loudness not volume.

Volume is demonstrated in a movie theater when Leo DiCaprio whispers “I love you,” in Kate Winslet’s ear. The whisper is not loud but it fills the entire theater (it moves a large volume of air). Here we have lots of volume but very little loudness.

Earpieces fit around the ear like eyeglasses fit around your ear and have a small microphone that clips to your collar. Some earpieces actually fit in the ear canal. These 2 way radio accessories provide loudness. The sound coming through the earpiece is greater than other sounds in the area. There is very little volume. No one else in the area can hear the sound. Loudness in an earpiece is used to over come volume in a specific area. People that work in a noisy factory use earpieces with their 2 way radios because the earpiece overcomes the volume of sound in the factory.

A shoulder style speaker mic produces volume. The shoulder style speaker mic (like the police use) is attached to an epaulet or shirt collar close to the users ear. The speaker mic moves a column of air directed to the user’s ear. The more air it moves the less it needs to be loud.

One of the considerations in choosing an earpiece or speaker mic is to determine if you are trying to overcome loudness or volume.

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Manzie  R Lawfer

Free Trial

Friday, August 12th, 2011

We offer a free 7 day trial. Schools, businesses and government agencies can try our radios at their location risk free for 7 days.

The free trial is usually not to compare radios but instead is to try 2 way radios. Most of the organizations that take us up on our free trial offer have never used 2 way radios or have never used commercial grade 2 way radios.

The most frequent comparison is between cell phones and 2 way radios. Cell phone are great if you need to talk further than just a mile or two. But for on premise communications nothing is easier to more efficient than 2 way radios.

We sent a pair of radios to a hotel in Iowa a few days ago. When I called the manager to see how the trial was progressing the desk clerk took my call. The manager was out and the clerk ask me to leave a message. As soon as I announced I was from the 2 way radio company the clerk had to tell me, “These radios are terrific. I push the button and can talk all over our property. This is so much easier than using a cell phone. We have area on the property that cell phones can’t reach but these radios reach everywhere. I’m saving an hour a day just by not having to chase people down. I’m telling our manager to buy a radio for everyone that works here.”

This story plays out over and over as people learn the ease and effectiveness of 2 way radios. If you haven’t already may be you should try 2 way radios at your location.

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Take a grasshopper to school.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The Grasshopper is a truly revolutionary radio. The Grasshopper is a one watt light duty radio that lets you talk or text. These radios also have a vibrate feature to alert the user of an incoming text message. Silent messaging is the best.

The Grasshopper is digital and uses stealth military technology that has been adapted for commercial use. No license is require to use this radio.

The Grasshopper is a fabulous radio for schools, churches and other applications where maximum distance and durability are not required.

The Grasshopper costs only $79 each and comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. The Grasshopper has unlimited channel selection and let’s you call everyone at the same time or just one person at a time. You can also send group or individual texts.

We warranty the Grasshopper for 1 full year. Additionally we offer a 100% credit if you decide to trade in your Grasshopper radios on any commercial grade radio we sell.

If your school needs 2 way radios consider our special School Lease Program. Your school can lease to own Grasshopper radios for only $10 per radio for 9 months. At the end of the school year the radios are paid in full. The lease application only takes a minute to complete and we can get your Grasshopper radios to you before school starts.

Learn more about the Grasshopper at 2wayradioexpress/Grasshopper.

Give us a call at 239-601-1969. Doing business with us is easy.

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Manzie R Lawfer