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Do You Like The Soup?

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Hi Friends,

Remember the old joke, “there are 350 varieties of shark, not counting loan and pool.” I heard the Eskimos have 1000 different names for snow. As my Dad has moved into his nineties he has developed over 40 different names for naps including the recliner snooze, lanai napping and the TV nod-off.

The more familiar you are with a given subject the greater is your ability to discern and label subtle differences.

I am mostly less discerning. I tend to categorize in one or two or perhaps three categories. You are either for me or against me. It is either hot or cold. Asleep or awake. Do you like or don’t you like the soup…. or perhaps a third choice, is the soup okay?

We have been in the 2 way radio business for several years. For the most part our prospects and customers don’t want to hear about the hundreds of different radios and options. They only want to hear about the couple of options that pertain to their specific needs.

It is more important for us to learn about our customers than for our customers learn all about our products. If we fully understand our customers concerns and applications for radios we can help them make the best choices.

Recently we added Nature’s Air Sponge as a second product line. Nature’s Air Sponge effectively removes odors and pollutants from the air and improves any school, business or industrial environment.

Nature’s Air Sponge is an affordable and effective solution for odor removal. Nature’s Air  Sponge is available in different sizes and varieties but guess what? You don’t have to learn about Nature’s Air Sponges formulas and offerings. Just give us a call and help us understand your concerns and application and we can help you find the best solutions.

Nature’s Air Sponge is the third choice: Does it smell good or does it smells bad or Wow! with  Nature’s Air Sponge there is no smell at all.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy. Call 239-601-1969 today.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer

Ever Notice How Cell Phones Fly Apart When Dropped?

Monday, December 1st, 2014



Walkie talkies, hand held radios, handy talkies and two way radios are just different names for the same thing.

A lot of times when I met someone and they ask “What do you do for a living?” I tell them we sell walkie talkies to schools and churches and businesses all over the country.

“Walkie talkies!” they say. “I didn’t think anyone was still using those. Doesn’t everyone use cell phones today?”

Everyone is using cell phones but there are some things that two way radios do better than cell phones.

Need to call everyone at once? Two way radios are the best. Push the button and talk to  everyone at once.

Do you have dead zones in your facility where cell phones don’t work? Two way radios will work.

Have you ever noticed how cell phones fly apart when they are dropped? Two way radios are built to meet military specifications which include being regularly dropped on a hard surface.

Are you dealing with a limited budget that doesn’t include monthly fees for cell coverage? Two way radios do not have monthly fees.

When it comes to affordability, instant communications, durability, reliable coverage and no monthly fees….two way radios can’t be beat.

Let us help you find the best two way radio equipment for your school, clinic, factory, hotel or where ever safety, efficiency and productivity can be increased with two way radios.

Call us today at 239-601-1969. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer