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How Does It Feel To Be On Your Own?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Hi Friends,

I listen to Pandora (the internet radio station) while I exercise. I usually walk every other day and ride my bicycle every other day. Listening to music makes exercising more enjoyable and the time passes more quickly.

Pandora let’s you choose the music you want to hear. For example, the Hall and Oates station features Hall and Oates recordings but also plays songs from Boz Skaggs, Steve Miller and Steely Dan. The assumption is: if you like Hall and Oates you probably like Skaggs, Miller and Steely Dan.

Yesterday morning I listened to the Bob Dylan station.  I forgot how many great songs Bob wrote. The station also played a couple of Neil Young songs but uncharacteristically the Bob Dylan station played almost nothing but Bob Dylan. I had never heard Bob Dylan’s song “Things Have Changed.”

Since yesterday morning I have listened to “Things Have Changed” a thousand times. Bob’s music is addictive. HIs lyrics are so conversational. “Yesterday morning I listened to the Bob Dylan station” sounds like a line out of one his songs.

Isn’t it great when you re-discover something you use to like and find that you still like it just as much.

A few years ago Bob Dylan was arrested by a 22 year old policewoman in Long Branch, New Jersey. Bob was in Long Branch to perform at the Ocean Place Resort with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. Before the concert Bob was walking by himself several blocks away from his hotel.  It was raining.

The policewoman that picked up Dylan thought he was an eccentric old man wandering the streets in the rain. She demanded to see his identification. He wasn’t carrying a wallet or any ID. He told her he was Bob Dylan but she didn’t put the name with the face. Bob had foreseen this coming many years earlier when he wrote “How does it feel to be on your own, a complete unknown?”

Of course when she called into the police station the older officers suggested she ask for his autograph rather than his ID.

Two way radios are an old favorite. In the big boom-boom of cell phone you may have forgotten about walkie talkies. If you haven’t used radios lately or if you have never used two way radios I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprise by the improved safety, efficiency and productivity that 2 way radios provide.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer

Neck Deep In March Madness

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Hi Friends,

Are you a college basketball fan? Are you neck deep in March Madness?

As a graduate of the University of Kentucky I am filled with pride for my alma mater. I was on campus during Adolph Rupp’s tenure and applauded when Joe B. Hall moved from assistant to head coach.

Coach Rupp is said to have invented the full court press. I believe Kentucky was playing Michigan when Rupp told his players to try to deny the inbound pass and if that failed to try to take the ball away from the Michigan players as they moved down the floor. Michigan was totally flummoxed and could not understand why the Kentucky players were interfering with the game.

If you haven’t been following hoops allow me to share the excitement that the University of Kentucky is undefeated this season as it heads for the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

An undefeated season has only happened a few times in collegiate basketball history. This is huge. This is bigger than the three point shot or the 35 second shot clock. Well maybe not bigger but certainly as big.

Kentucky’s current coach is John Calipari. Coach Calipari is paid $6.5 million per year plus bonuses. You can imagine that the university is expecting big things from the coach.

Here’s the part that is fascinating…Coach Calipari has not invented or introduced any super duper razzle dazzle plays. He has great players but his advice and coaching are clear and simple.

Play your best!

Coach Calipari told his team, “I don’t care if we win. I only care that we play our best.”

The people that are paying him $6.5 million care whether or not they win. I suspect those folks are probably going to look at the outcome of the tournament before offering a bonus.

College basketball is the best!

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer

Dog Years

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Hi Friends,

When I was a little boy our family dog was a beagle named Sandy. When I was a little boy Lassie was a regular TV show. Our dog was no Lassie.

Sandy nearly hung herself. This was back when folks dried their clothes on outdoor clotheslines. Normally timid, Sandy attacked a towel that was blowing in the wind on our clothesline. Somehow she got a tooth stuck in the fabric and acting like a sail the towel propelled Sandy skyward. Fortunately she hung on rather than sailing across the lawn. Unfortunately she became enmeshed in the towel and would have hung herself had my brother and I not rescued her.

Sandy’s other noteworthy adventure came about when our house was being painted. Everyday the painters enjoyed lunch under a big oak tree in our yard. The painters would give Sandy whatever scraps were left from their lunch. In an experiment, the painters determined Sandy would eagerly eat one or two Oreo cookies. About the third or fourth cookie Sandy’s enthusiasm would begin to loose steam for the cream filled treats. By the time she ate a fifth cookie she was choking. Ever the pioneer Sandy still returned for lunch the every day the painters were on the premises.

A dog can really cram a lot of living into every day…. 3 or 4 naps, several hiking trips, inspection tours around the yard, multiple meals and so on. Because dogs only live 10 years or so, people say each dog year is equal to 7 people years.

Radios have a substantial mission of improving safety, efficiency and productivity everyday. Radios take a beating and still perform. Hot, cold, damp you name it radios are reliable in all conditions. Radios get tossed around and used 24/7. Really a year in a radio’s life is like a year in a dog’s life. Radios only last about 10 years, so you could say a radio year is worth 7 people years.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer