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Loosing My Wheels Was A Heartbreaker

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Hi Friends,

The thrifty Joy Ann and I only have one car. My office has been within walking distance or a quick bike ride away from our home for several years so I haven’t needed a car to get to work.

When we first downsized to one car I felt cheated. I had owned my own car since I was a teenager. Loosing my wheels was a heartbreaker. But…I got use to it.

Actually I got to liking it because one car meant half as much gas, half as much maintenance, half as much insurance and so on. Certainly a loss of convenience but the savings were substantial.

Another big savings was leasing instead of purchasing a car. We do not drive many miles per year. The industrious Joy Ann works at the Philharmonic which is only a mile and half away from home and most of the other car trips we take are only a few miles in any direction. We drive about 5000 miles a year.

The total cost for our car including insurance and maintenance is less than $300 per month. Pretty good.

Overall I would have to say that owning one car has simplified our lives and produced substantial savings.

A couple of weeks ago the remote door opener stopped working. It opened all the doors except the driver’s. We didn’t make an appointment but instead just stopped by the dealership to ask them to take a look.

While the service department was sniffing around our car the sales department was circling us in the waiting area. As quick as you can say, “your lease is almost up” the salesman had us driving around the block in a new Passat.

And that is how a quirky remote door opener lead us to our new car.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer