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Thanks For Your Service

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Hi Friends,

Grayson is the youngest of our four sons. Grayson turns 33 years old this week. He use to work here at 2 Way Radio Express but recently enlisted in the US Navy. He was craving more adventure and travel in his life. He is currently living in Pensacola, Florida and is studying to be an Air Traffic Controller. We could not be more proud of him.

My Joy Ann (aka The Princess) and I going to drive to Pensacola to visit with Grayson this week. We want to see him to celebrate his birthday and also be with him on Easter.

The highly organized Joy Ann has put out a suitcase for me. She has instructed me to put my favorite clothes in the suitcase. I’ll be honest with you…I do not have favorite underwear or socks. My underwear is all pretty much the same. I named my bicycle Trigger. I refer to one of my guitars as Pearl. My car’s name is Betty. Naming these inanimate objects is a way of demonstrating preference and familiarity. I do not have any way of ciphering one pair of underwear from another. I may just refer to the clothes I choose to bring on the trip as my spring collection.

Of course I will be bringing Grayson a batch of home made cookies. I have been a cook since I was a little kid. I do all the cooking at home.  Somebody has to prepare The Princess’ lunch. I didn’t venture into baking until later in life. Cooking and baking are two different things.

I began baking oatmeal cookies in 2010. I use only the finest ingredients. I bring the eggs and butter up to room temperature before I blend everything together. I use dark chocolate M&M’s instead of raisins. I carefully chop the walnuts into precise pieces.  There are a lot of tricks to baking. Everyone that tries my oatmeal cookies declares them to be World Class. Grayson will be getting a double batch to share with his colleagues. Thanks for your service seaman all.

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Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer