Two Way Radios for Horses and Dogs

September 21st, 2012

Hi Friends,

2 Way Radio Express is an internet business. Our office is in Naples, Florida but have customers in all 50 states.

Our office is in a building complex that is occupied by physicians, dentists, lawyers, a yoga studio and one upscale European cuisine restaurant. All these professionals and their patrons are well dresses and present themselves in the finest most refined manner. Not so much us. Our dress code includes tee shirts, shorts and flip flops. We enjoy a casual business model. We seldom meet face to face with our customers or the general public. Some might describe us as the thorns among the roses at our office complex.

We spend most of day sending emails and on the telephone talking to our customers. Because we have excellent internet presence the phone is ringing all the time. Our customers and prospect are a diverse group. We never know who will be calling until we answer the phone.

Our typical prospects are calling for school 2 way radios, business and retail store 2 way radios and government agencies looking for 2 way radio equipment.

We enjoy talking to everyone that calls but we especially like talking to those that have a unique problem they are trying to solve with 2 way radios.

About a year ago a fellow called looking for 2 way radios for his dog training business. I asked if he was going to equip the office staff and the trainers with radios. He said, “No.” he wanted to put a radio in his dog’s harness so he could issue commands from a distance. This guy was serious and I didn’t ask about his dog’s ability to push the talk button on the radio. He bought radios and his plan worked flawlessly. Two way radios for dogs. Hooray!

We also have several customers that use 2 way radios in their equine operations. They don’t issue horse instructions but they do use the radios to keep trail riders in touch with instructors. Two way radios for horses. Hooray!

Give us a call at 239-601-1969 and let us help you find the best 2 way radios for your business. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.

Best Wishes,

Manzie R Lawfer

Back To The Future 2 Way Radios

September 20th, 2012

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