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Free at Last!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

It seems to me most every ‘free offer’ has some strings attached to it. I see offers advertised for “Try our vacuum cleaner for free!” But then you have to buy the vacuum cleaner first and then return it for a refund in order to get your money back. That’s not free.

Another misleading add is, get ‘such and such’ free. But you have to buy ‘so and so’ in order to get the free ‘such and such.’ That’s not free.

We think we have 3 truly ‘free offers.’ We offer a ‘Free 7 Day 2 Way Radio Trial’ and ‘Free Little Green Radio Book’ and ‘Free Help’ in finding the right two way radio equipment.’

Our ‘Free Help’ works like this;

  1. Visit our website and complete the 2 way radio questionnaire or
  2. Call our toll free telephone number and talk with customer service

After we learn about your application and use for 2 way radios we will provide you with a  full recommendation on the best equipment and uses for your location. For this service we do not charge a single dime.

Our ‘Free Little Green Radio Book’ offer is available to you by visiting our website and clicking on the Little Green Radio Book page. You can then download the document at no charge. You are asked for your email address and first name but you do not have to complete these questions. For this service we do not charge a single dime.

Our ‘Free 7 Day 2 Way Radio Trial‘ is available to any business. Complete our Free Trial Form (available by calling our toll free number) spend a few minutes on the phone with our customer service department and bingo bango your 2 way radio trial is on the way to you. For this service we do not charge a single dime.

We believe you shouldn’t spend a dime until you know you are getting the right 2 way radios for your application. Give us a call. We are very easy to do business with.

Best Wishes,