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Happy New Year Everyone

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I am 63 years old. It seems to me every year and every age has some advantage. I’ll look back fondly on 2009 as the year we started 2 Way Radio Express. But just between you and me I’m glad to see the end of 2009. Hooray for 2010!

We not only sell new 2 way radios and radio equipment we also repair 2 way radios. We repair everything we sell and we also repair brands and models that our customers bought from other sources.

So some of the radios that are sent to us for repair are several years old. We get Motorola SP50 and CP200 radios frequently that need repair. Both of these have been  real workhorse radios. They are very dependable and perform well in harsh environments. Unfortunately they are as big as bricks (and just about as heavy). Additionally these radios were expensive. Expensive is a relative term. These radios usually perform well for years and based on the efficiency and productivity they produce they actually make money rather than cost money.

Anyway, when we get older radios in for repair it is hard not to compare them to the new models we sell. The new model radios are typically half the size and weight of older radios. The new radios usually do not broadcast any further than the older models but the new radios have better sound quality and volume.

We believe that in order for a two way radio to accomplish its mission of increasing safety, improving efficiency and boosting productivity it must be easy to use, reliable and affordable.

The new smaller, lighter and better sounding radios are more affordable than ever. The Tekk X1000 and ICOM Lite radios we sell cost about $300 (that’s half of what a SP50 sold for 10 years ago). Additionally the new radios have more features and available accessories.

If you haven’t compared radios lately we have an offer. Send us one of your radios and we’ll match your frequencies and send a pair of radios for you to try for free. If you are  not using radios now maybe this is the right time for you to increase safety, improve efficiency and boost productivity.

Give us a call today and let us help you find the best two way radio equipment for you.

Best Wishes,