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ph: 239-601-1969   

Ear Piece Style Speaker Mic

Our earpiece style speaker mics come in external and internal styles.

External style earpieces (depending on the specific radio sell for about $45) fit around the ear with a small speaker bud just outside the ear canal. The most poplar external earpieces are the ear hook and d-ring.

The ear hook fits around the ear much like eyeglasses. A small lapel microphone is activated with a push to talk button. The ear hook speaker mic provides privacy and great sound quality even in loud environments.

The D ring earpiece is similar to the ear hook except the D ring is made of hard plastic. The hard plastic surface can be wipe down with alcohol or other cleaners between uses. This makes the D ring ideal for retail stores, restaurants and other users that share radios and earpieces.

The Swivel is the newest external earpiece. These earpieces are comfortable and can be wiped clean between uses.


Internal style earpieces (depending on the specific radio and configuration sell for about $70) have an earbud or acoustic tube that fits inside the ear canal. Internal style earpieces are typically used in high noise areas or for surveillance operations. Additionally internal style earpieces can be fitted with OSHA approved noise attenuating inserts.

This style speaker mic can use a lapel mic or a palm mic. The lapel mic can be activated with a push to talk button on the side of the microphone or from a remote push to talk (usually a palm remote).


Noise Attenuating Ear PlugOur OSHA approved Noise Attenuating Ear Plugs cancel surrounding noise to provide clear communications even in loud environments.




Ear hook D ring Ear bud Surveillance Shown from left to right: Ear hook, D ring, Earbud and Surveillance style.


Call us at 1-239-601-1969 for help with your specific questions or visit our Radio Questionnaire page.



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