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We wrote the book on commercial grade two way radios. Actually we wrote the "Little Green Radio Book: everything you need to know to buy, operate and care for two way radios."

This handy little book is easy to read and gets you started on finding the best radios for your specific application. Hundreds of businesses have already received their copy of the "Little Green Radio Book." You can buy the "Little Green Radio Book" on Amazon for about $10 or get your free copy here.


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Are you having trouble opening the link? Just give us a call at 239-572-2811 and we can email a copy directly to you. We are open Monday through Friday from very early in the morning till after dark.


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The "Little Green Radio Book" is informative and easy to read.

The booklet is 19 pages and helps you determine the best radio for your application based on wattage, number of channels, VHF or UHF, battery size and several other key factors.

Don't shop by price alone only to find you bought the wrong product.

two way radios