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2 Way Radio Express
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2 way radios

2 Way Radios

ph: 239-572-2811   

Our prices are for complete radios with charger, antenna, long life battery, programming and UPS ground shipping to your door... Everything you need to start using your radios today.





The Maxon TP-5000 Series is a rugged and lightweight radio, it delivers clear communications for your needs. The TP-5000 fits many business uses including industrial, public safety, schools, retail stores, and hotels. It is one of the most popular radios in Maxon’s lineup of two-way radios and is sure to make your business thrive.

$289 each.

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Two way radio


Tekk International


5 Watts High Power / Low Cost / Extra Features!
The X-700 UHF High Power model, built on a rugged die-cast aluminum chassis, is also the industry price leading model! Fully capable for many public safety applications, it is also a logical choice for school security, retirement homes, hotels and many more.

$259 each delivered to your door.

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The F3001/F4001 Series is easy to use entry level portable with no special training required. The few knobs and buttons are generously sized for easy operation. This simple interface makes it ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is constantly passed from person to person. The radio series is ideal to meet the needs of schools, retail, golf courses, community centers and others with similar basic radio needs.

$289 each delivered to your door.

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Two way radio



The Motorola SL300 is a tier of the Commercial tier MOTOTRBO Portable radio from Motorola Solutions. This radio features a sleek, slim, and attractive design paired with simple and intuitive operation.

As low as $399 each, delivered to your door.

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2 way radio accessories

Ritron NT Series

The Ritron NT Series is available in VHF and UHF versions. The Ritron NT Series is a compact radio that features exceptional durability, voice activation and an emergency call button. The Ritron NT Series is highly water resistant and is ideal for updating to FCC narrow banding.

$349 each delivered to your door.

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Two way radio

Two way radio

Holzberg Dual Band

The Holzberg Dual Band Radio is two radios in one and can operae as either a VHF radio or a UHF radio. The Holzberg Dual Band is a commercial grade radio with several advanced features including field programming from the keypad. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use.

$625 each delivered to your door.

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Two way radio

Mobile Intercom

The Mobile Intercom is a wireless intercom with a range of up to one and a half miles. The Mobile Intercom plugs into a wall outlet for power and provides greater sound in areas where cell phones do not work. Because it is wireless the Mobile Intercom can be moved to anywhere there is a wall outlet. The Mobile Intercom can be programmed to work with your existing hand held two way radios.

$345 each delivered to your door.

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2-way radios

We also offer consumer grade radios

Consumer grade radios are built for personal use. Consumer grade 2 way radios are used for travel, hiking, sporting events, at the mall, family outings and anywhere immediate push to talk communication is needed.

Our consumer grade radios start at just $159 a pair including UPS delivery to your door.

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Looking for a different brand or model?

Let us know if you are looking for a different brand or model. We can help you get the equipment you need and match your frequencies quickly.


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