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2 Way Radio Express
331 27th St. NW
Naples, FL 34120
14 Maple St.
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

ph: 239-572-2811
alt: 239-601-1969

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ph: 239-572-2811   
Grayson LawferDo you need help in finding the right radios for your organization?

2 Way Radio Express Can help!

Call our help desk and speak to your own account manager. By answering a few questions we can guide you to the best 2 way radio solution. Our help desk number is 239-572-2811.

If you are not available during east coast business hours or if it is more convenient email us at info@2wayradioexpress.com and tell us the best time to call you.

We only need your name, company, phone number and best time to call.


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We want to be Green as a Bean!

The cars we drive, the products we sell, the products we use and even our business model impacts the planet.

Radio Express is dedicated to selling the most environmentally friendly products. For example we only feature radios that use lithium ion batteries. These batteries are the most recyclable energy storage devices available. And less resources are used in their manufacturing.

Where it is feasible we recycle/repair used traded-in radios for reuse to charities. The charity gets usable radios and the environment gets a break.

Not only does Radio Express offer free shipping we ship from central locations to reduce the carbon footprint of every order.

We equipped our office and use Apple computers and peripherals because they are completely recyclable and the Apple company is committed to improving the planet.

And because our offices are in the sunshine state (and also because it's great fun) we usually ride our bicycles to work.

If you are currently using two way radios (even if you didn't buy them from Radio Express) we can help you recycle your used batteries and non functioning radios. Give us a call at 239-572-2811 and we will enroll your company in our Two Way Radio and Accessories Recycling Program.

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