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Introducing Home Base

Two way radios (or Walkie Talkies as they are called) are the best way to communicate on site. Walkie Talkies improve safety, boost efficiency and increase productivity. Walkie Talkie radios are much more durable, robust and easier to use than cell phones or any other communication device. Walkie Talkies work in areas that do not have cell coverage.

Unfortunately Walkie Talkies have a limited broadcast area and can only talk to other Walkie Talkies.

Tower services, repeaters and trunked systems can extend the range but are expensive and do not provide complete coverage.

Introducing Home Base Radio Network! Home Base Radio Network connects any two or more broadcast areas and let’s you use your cell phone, computer, notebook or any device with an IP address to talk to each other or Walkie Talkie radios…from anywhere in the world!

long distance walkie talkie

Home Base Radio Network is a software and hardware solution that lets similar and dis-similar devices talk to each other near and far. Home Base is ideal for schools, businesses and government agencies.

There is no limit to the number of sites that can be connected. Additionally because Home Base uses the internet (or your private network) there are no distance limitations.

Home Base is available in 4 versions:

Our basic Home Base model is a compact electronic device that plugs into any existing computer with an internet connection. One side of the connection is the internet. The other side of the connection are two way radios.

For example, a construction trailer is equipped with Home Base. Workers using Walkie Talkie radios on the construction site are picked up by Home Base and re-broadcast over the internet to the construction company’s home office computer across town (or across the country). There are no limits on the number of locations that can be linked.

Our basic Home Base sells for $999.

Home Base iWalkie

Home Base iWalkie is a push to talk (PTT) software application for iPhone, Blackberry and Androids. Home Base iWalkie lets you talk from your cell phone to any Home Base equipped location.

For example, suppose you are the General Manager of a big hotel in Las Vegas. All of your housekeeping and maintenance staff carry Walkie Talkies. When you are on site you also carry a Walkie Talkie but when you leave the hotel you can no longer communicate with your key people. Home Base iWalkie let’s you use your cell phone to talk with the 2 way radios back at the hotel. From anywhere your cell phone works you can talk to the 2 way radios at the hotel.

The Home Base iWalkie app is available for $5.


FleetTel is a companion to our Home Base product. FleetTel mounts in a truck, taxi, delivery van or any vehicle and operates like a CB radio..FleetTel Mobile Radio. except only your personnel can talk or listen-in....it is completely private and there is no distance limitation.

Talk privately across town or across the country. FleetTel is always on when the vehicle’s ignition is on. Your drivers won't have to fumble with answering a cell phone or trying to make calls while driving. Just push the large PTT button on the hand held microphone and talk to dispatch and the other drivers in your fleet. Basic FleetTel sells for $499 plus $40 per month connection charge. FleetTel comes with a full 4 year warranty.

FleetTel can be combined with Home Base to use FleetTel as a portal for Walkie Talkie radios within a mile or so of the vehicle to communicate with other Home Base sites.

FleetTel/Home Base sells for $1498 plus $40 per month connection charge.

How Some Folks Are Using Home Base

For example, suppose you are a product manufacturer and you have a retail outlet across town. Your manufacturing facility is on the west side of town. Your retail outlet store is 10 miles away on the east side of town. Both locations use Walkie Talkies however the factory can’t talk to the retail store because of the distance. Home Base can connect your two locations. Actually your facilities can be across town or across the country. Home Base can connect any Walkie Talkie or group of Walkie Talkie radios to another 2 way radio anywhere in the world.

Another example. A nursing home has three locations. All three locations use the same maintenance staff. The three nursing homes are too far apart to talk to each other using hand held Walkie Talkies. Cell phones are expensive, too fragile and inconvenient to use (ever try fishing a cell phone out of your pocket while on a ladder with a hammer in one hand). Home Base connects these 3 separate locations and allows workers to communicate with durable, easy to use walkie talkies. Communication is immediate. No dialing numbers or waiting for an answer. Just push the button and talk.

Home Base lets similar (any 2 way radio anywhere) talk to other similar devices (any other 2 way radio anywhere else). Home Base lets dissimilar devices talk to each other (cell phones can talk to Walkie Talkie radios, Walkie Talkies can talk to iPads, cell phones can talk to computers, the list is pretty much unlimited).
Home Base is a software and hardware solution that lets similar and dis-similar devices talk to each other near and far.

Across town or across the country Home Base can keep you in communication. To learn more about Home Base give us a call at 239-572-2811 now. Doing business with 2 Way Radio Express is easy.


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