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ph: 239-572-2811   

Light and Heavy Duty Headsets

Our headsets come in light duty and heavy duty versions.

The light duty headset are available in behind the head2 way radio accessories

Over the ear with mini boom

Depending on configuration and the specific radio light duty headsets sell for around $100 and come with a full 2 year warranty.

Our heavy duty headsets are available in either a single muff or dual muff. Both have inline and muff push to talk activation.

These headsets are made for the most demanding environment and provide excellent noise reduction. Single muff versions sell for about $175 and the dual muff versions sell for around $325.

Extreme Full Duplex wireless headsets from Comstar increase the efficiency and safety of crane operators, directional drillers, tree trimmers and anyone that needs instantaneous hands free two way communications even in loud environments. Full Duplex means two (or more people) talk at the same time.... like a telephone conversation. There is no push to talk...simply talk. There is no Voice Activation delay...it is on all the time. And the Extreme Headset is built for the mosFull Duplex Headsett demanding and loud environments. Noise canceling technology reduces or eliminates background noise. The Extreme Headset uses a base station that provides a clear signal up to 400 yards in any direction (up to 800 yard total useful distance). Each base station can support up to 8 headsets but you can start with just 2 headsets and add more as you need them. These headsets sell for $650 each. The base station is $650. Both come with a full one year warranty. Even the batteries are guaranteed for a full year.




Call us at 1-239-572-2811 for help with your specific questions or visit our Radio Questionnaire page.




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