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2 Way Radio Express
331 27th St. NW
Naples, FL 34120
14 Maple St.
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

ph: 239-572-2811
alt: 239-601-1969

2 way radios

Our Promise

ph: 239-572-2811   
<Our Promise>

2 Way Radio Express Promises You

  1. The best value on 2 way radios and accessories.
  2. A single point of contact - your own account manager that knows you and your company and can help you find the best equipment for your application.
  3. Free Trial on two way radio equipment - You'll know how well our two way radios work at your location before you spend a dime.
  4. Four Year warranty on all commercial grade two way radios you buy from us. Even the battery is guaranteed for 4 years.
  5. We usually ship your 2 way radios the same business day you place your order.
  6. UPS ground shipping is free.
  7. Our technicians will match frequencies so your old two way radio will work seamlessly with your new radios.
  8. We do not charge sales tax. If any sales tax is due we will pay the tax for you.
  9. The customer service professionals at 2 Way Radio Express have the knowledge and experience to help solve all your two way radio issues.
Get Started Now!

Call our Help Desk at 239-572-2811 now for immediate help! 2 Way Radio Express is located in sunny Naples Florida. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 8 AM till 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. You can text us at 239-601-1969 and we accept all major credit cards, purchase orders, wire transfers and most other forms of payment. Doing business with us is easy.


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