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2 way radios

2 Way Radios

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2 way radios

TecNet TP-8000 Waterproof

The revolutionary new TecNet is first moderately priced, full featured, completely waterproof  2 way radio. It is more durable, easier to use, more compact, lighter in weight, has a better battery, a better charger and more features than radios costing twice or even three times as much.


This radio was specifically designed, manufactured and approved to withstand total water immersion to one meter for thirty minutes. The TecNet TP-8000 is built to exceed Military Specifications. It can operate as a pager and a full powered hand held radio. The TecNet TP-8000 is ideal for use at construction sites, outdoors in all weather, dusty areas, concrete plants, food process factories and anywhere 2 way radios are needed in demanding conditions.



The TecNet TP-8000 offers up to 512 channels. It is PC programmable and radio to radio wireless cloning. It can accommodate advanced MDC 1200 signaling and PTT ID. It has an emergency button, CTCSS/DCS, 2 Tone Encode and Decode and DTMF Encode. The TecNet TP-8000 radios have 5 watts of output power in the VHF version and 4 watts of output power in the UHF version. It is equipped with remote kill and revive.

Battery, Charger and Belt Clip

The 2200 mAh Lithium Ion battery provides a 15 hour duty cycle between charging (5% talk 5% listen 90% standby). The TecNet TP-8000 uses a dual bay rapid rate desktop charger that can accomodate a radio with battery and an additional battery for simultaneous charging. The radio comes with a sturdy belt clip.


The TecNet TP-8000 radios can be equipped with stubby antennas, ear buds, surveillance ear pieces, high noise headsets and water proof speaker mics. This radio uses the same audio accessories as two pin Motorola radios.


Output Power 5 Watt VHF 4 Watts UHF

Dimensions 4.37 inches High X 2 inches Wide X 1.25 inches Deep

Weight 9.1 ounces including battery

Audio Output 1 Full Watt for clear audio even in loud environments

VHF Version 136 - 174 MHz

UHF Version 400 - 470 MHz & 450 - 520 MHz

Channel Spacing 12.5 narrow and 25 kHz wide is FCC Compliant

9 EOC*


The TecNet TP-8000 sells for $329 each including radio, battery, charger, antenna, UPS ground shipping and full 4 year warranty. Even the battery is guaranteed for 4 years.


TecNet TP-8000 Waterproof

Click here to watch a video demonstrating the durability of the TecNet TP-8000 radios. Caution this video is not for the faint hearted.

Here's a second video demonstrating the TecNet TP-8000 being tested for durability and distance.



*EOC = Relative value for Ease of Carry


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