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2 Way Radio Express
331 27th St. NW
Naples, FL 34120
ph: 239-601-1969
fax: 866-421-8761
alt: 239-465-4290
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Batteries & Accessories

ph: 239-601-1969   

Two Way Radio Cases Holsters Chest Packs

Our two way radio cases and holsters are made of nylon or leather and attach to the users belt with a metal clip or belt loop.

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Your radio will last longer and perform better when it is protected with a case. When you use a holster with a speaker mic you do not need to remove the radio from your belt and dramatically reduce the chance of dropping, losing or damaging your radio.

We offer a full line of holster, cases and chest packs.

Call us at 1-239-601-1969 for help with your specific questions or visit our Radio Questionnaire page.

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