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The Grasshopper

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Grasshopper 2 way radio

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The Grasshopper

The Grasshopper by Trisquare is a 1 watt light duty 900 mHz radio. The Grasshopper uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology. This means that the radios is constantly changing the frequency that it operates on. This provides both privacy from others listening and excellent clarity up to 1 mile. The Grasshopper is equipped with a keypad for texting messages.

The Grasshopper is ideal for applications where limited distance and durability are required. Schools, churches, dental offices, medical offices, clinics and personal use like camping and hiking are where the Grasshopper is best used.

Compact and Stylish
The Grasshopper is unique for its compact and fashionable design. This radio provides dependable communications in short range applications at an extremely low cost.

Battery, Charger and Belt Clip
The Grasshopper comes with a 12 hour duty cycle Nickel Metal Hydride battery, desktop overnight charger and sturdy belt clip. The Grasshopper can also operate on AA batteries.

The Grasshopper has unlimited channel selection and can be programmed to call just one or everyone in a group. The Grasshopper is programmed through its keypad. A vibrate call alert can be turned on or off. The radio also has 10 NOAA weather channels. Grasshoppers only work with other Grasshopper radios.

The Grasshopper comes with an ear piece for additional privacy.

2 Way Radio Express warrantees the Grasshopper for 1 year from the date of purchase. Additionally 2 Way Radio Express offers a 100% credit when you trade in your Grasshopper radios on any commercial grade radio we sell (Some restrictions apply). The warranty covers everything except abuse.

Measures 5.8 H x 2.25 W x 1.37 D
Weighs 6.2 oz with battery
1 watt Broadcast Power
Unlimited Channels
12 Hour Duty Cycle between charging
900 mHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

11 EOC*

Grasshoppers sell for $79 each and come packaged as a pair. A pair of Grasshoppers sell for $158 including battery, desktop overnight charger, belt clip, earpiece with lapel mic, instruction booklet and UPS ground shipping. When comparing our prices with other sellers remember our price includes shipping, extended warranty, help desk support and a 100% trade in credit.

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Watch this video for an overview of the Grasshopper!

Watch this video for help in setting up individual channels on the Grasshopper!

Watch this video for help in cloning from one Grasshopper to another!

Grasshopper Manual

*EOC = Relative value for Ease of Carry


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