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2 way radios

Mobile Intercom

ph: 239-572-2811   

Introducing the Mobile Intercom


The Mobile Intercom is used to talk from any 2 or more locations. For example from the office to the shop or from the kitchen to the garage or from a bedside to a nearby caretaker.

The Mobile Intercom base stations can be placed on any desk or table top or can be wall mounted. The Mobile Intercom plugs into a regular wall outlet for power and communicates using radio waves.

Two, three or more Mobile Intercoms can talk to each other from up to one and half miles away. The Mobile Intercom talks to other base stations or to a hand held radio.

The Mobile Intercom sells for $345 per desktop unit and $329 for the hand held unit. The price includes UPS ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.

The Mobile Intercom lets you talk at the push of a button up to one and a half miles. Call today to order your Mobile Intercom or for more information call our help desk at 239-572-2811.

The Mobile Intercom is made in the USA comes with a full 4 year warranty. Hand held units are manufactured in Japan by ICOM America.



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