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Many models are not currently listed here, but we do carry the full (Motorola) product line. If you are looking for something specific, contact us for a quote.

2 way radio accessories

Motorola SL300 Two-Way Radio

The Motorola SL300 is a tier of the Commercial tier MOTOTRBO Portable radio from Motorola Solutions. This radio features a sleek, slim, and attractive design paired with simple and intuitive operation.

The SL300 is the first radio of its kind offering an "Active View Display" hidden under the radio's protective surface resulting in no more scratched, cracked, or broken displays. The display automatically shuts off when not in use to conserve battery life and give you the most power.

As low as $399 each, delivered to your door.

2 way radio accessories


The Motorola CP100D two-way radio is the perfect entry-level solution for customers who want to communicate efficiently at an affordable price. Featuring both analog and digital communications, this radio is easily upgradeable so it can grow with the needs of your business. The CP100D offers many benefits such as 35% longer talk time, superior audio, wider radio coverage, and twice the voice capacity in a 12.5 kHz licensed channel. Moreover, these superior qualities don't diminish the durability of the Motorola CP200D radio. In fact, with an IP54 rating, this radio is both dustproof and splashproof - built for even the toughest conditions.

The MOTOTRBOTM CP100D Series radios offer a variety of features and models to choose from. These include analog and digital capabilities, non-display and limited keypads, and 16 to 160 channel options. Additionally, as a trusted Motorola distributor, if you can't find what you're looking for, our customer service team will help you find it.

Timely communication is key when communicating with your team. When it comes to exception audio, durability, and cost-effectiveness, the Motorola CP100D is the ideal two-way radio.

As low as $289 each, delivered to your door.

2 way radio accessories

Motorola CP200D - Voice Communications for the Everyday User

Known for being one of the most popular Motorola two-way radios, the Motorola CP200D two-way radio delivers clear connections to your business at an affordable price. Compatible with many of the core MOTOTRBOTM features, this analog, and digital two-way radio makes connecting to your team more efficient than ever. A sleek simple design, crisp audio, and the ability to easily upgrade from analog to digital make this radio an ideal choice for many workplaces.

Flexibility is what makes this radio one of Motorola's most versatile radios. Made with both analog and digital two-way radio versions, the CP200D delivers quality with a simple yet durable design. Easy upgrade features give analog users the ability to transition to digital with a simple, user-friendly, software upgrade. In fact, the CP200d has the same features as the CP200 as well as the same batteries and chargers so upgrading to digital is more convenient than ever.

As part of the MOTOTRBOTM radio family, CP200D two-way radio offers the latest technology and the most up-to-date benefits. For example, with MOTOTRBO features, transmissions can be interrupted so critical communications can take priority - perfect for emergency situations when a critical message must be received.

Simply put, when communication is essential to your daily operations, the CP200D takes efficient communication to another level.

As low as $529 each, delivered to your door.

2 way radio accessories

CM SERIES MOBILE TWO-WAY RADIO - You're Simply More Efficient

The MOTOTRBO CM Series mobile radio is a reliable, cost-efficient solution to keep your team in contact so they can communicate, coordinate and collaborate for maximum efficiency and safety. The CM Series is designed for the everyday driver, so your workers can connect without distraction, whether they're delivering cargo, dispatching trucks, or driving a school bus. The CM Series is easy to use and delivers clear communication for maximum efficiency of your operation.

As low as $699 each, delivered to your door.


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