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Narrow Banding Help

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Historically 2 way radios have operated with a frequency spread of 25 kHz between channels. Both VHF and UHF bands have operated with this bandwidth. Radio users who were licensed by the FCC were issued a license based on the 25 kHz bandwidth. This 25 kHZ spread is known as wide band and radios were manufactured based on this specification.

About 10 years ago, manufacturers began offering radios that could be programmed with 25 kHz or 12.5 kHz spacing. The 12.5 kHz spacing is known as Narrow Band. Based on the radio spectrum narrow banding produces twice as many usable frequencies and therefore can allow more channels and radio users.

The FCC has mandated that by January 1, 2013 all VHF and UHF radio users will have to operate on narrow band only.

This mandate will effect both licensed and unlicensed users.

An additional development in the Land Mobile Radio Arena is the introduction of digital equipment. The FCC mandate does not require radio users to employ digital equipment nor does it preclude the use of digital equipment. However some radio users are using the occasion of the FCC change as an opportunity for upgrading their analog radios and equipment to digital equipment.

We are offering 4 ways to help you:

  1. We can advise and assist you on re-programming your existing equipment. Typically if we can re-program your radios in our shop the re-programming is free.
  2. We can advise and assist you in modifying your existing FCC license. Our advice is free however the FCC charges a fee for modification.
  3. We can advise you at no charge on new equipment (both analog and digital) and can sell and deliver new equipment to you.
  4. Click here and download your free copy of  FCC Narrowbanding Mandate. This 24 page brochure was produced by the International Fire Chiefs Association to provide guidance to radio users.

Give us a call at 239-572-2811 and we will help you determine your best course of action.


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