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Radios are an invention of the early twentieth century. Hand held two way radios like we use today didn't appear until the early 1960's with the introduction of the Motorola HT200 hand held radio that weighed in at a hefty 2 pounds and 1 ounce. (These radios were referred to as Handy Talkies and while it is lost in history we suspect the Motorola HT designation refers to Handy Talkie.)

Walkie talkies

Despite the size and weight hand held two way radios were an immediate hit. They saved steps, made it easy to communicate, made the workplace safer and increased productivity.

As other manufacturers entered the marketplace the term "handy talkie" morphed into "walkie talkie."

Today some people still call them handy talkies or

walkie talkies or hand held radios but they are all the same thing and they still save steps, improve productivity and increase safety.


walkie talkies

are smaller, lighter, have more features, operate longer between battery charging and actually cost less.

Visit our two way radio page to learn more about today's most popular brands and models two way walkie talkies.

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